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We wish all you Hagstrom lovers a great 2015!


Some new ultra rare items in our stock

- Green Batman bass

- Red batch 449 De Luxe "big model"

- Brownburst Futurama Automatic

- White batch 586 HII

- HIIN batch 500 prototype/ pre-production guitar


A video presentation of the Small De Luxe, Sweetone and Standard 80 guitars is now available in the Museum & Guitar history section.


Blond Viking IN available in Protugal ( private selling)


The 2015 Hagstrom vintage Guitars calendar is now availabe in the shop. Don't miss the oportunity to order your copy. The available number is limited and when they are sold out, you have to wait until next year. Note - Only a few copies left!


A mega rare Hagstrom HIIN "batch 500" prototype is on the way!


A nice mahogany Standard 80 will soon be available in the shop.


Rare lefty Swede now available in the shop!


A rare 1958/59 De Luxe "small model" and a cool white 1979 Viking is on the way. Small De Luxe is now SOLD


The shop, office and work shop will open again on August 4th.


The shop, office and work shop is closed during July. Have a nice summer :-)


Two rare KENT guitars is on te way!


A beautiful and rare red HIII guitar with matching headstock will soon be available.


a mega rare pink Swede Color line will soon be available in the shop!

now "SOLD"


2000 likes on our Hagstrom-Vintage-Guitars.se facebook fan page and more than 200 members in the Hagstrom-Vintage-Guitars.se facebook group, we are very proud and honored!


A rare De Luxe 90 with mahogany top is now on the way!


A cool brownburst Jimmy 1969 will soon be available in the shop.


Extremely rare lefty HIIN for sale! Located in the US.


If you are the present owner of a Batman guitar or bass, you are wolcome to join the Hagstrom Batman FB Club :-)

The Hagstrom Batman Club on Facebook


Please note, and remember that all Hagstom guitars, basses

and amps on these pages are made in Sweden during the

years from 1958 to 1981. All new Hagstrom instruments sold

on the market (shops, ebay etc) today are made in China.

Probably fine instruments, but they are not made in Sweden!


Vintage Hagstrom spare parts are always hard to find! We will

now increase our effort to be able to supply as many NOS,

used and replacement Hagstrom spare parts as possible.

Visit the Hagstrom Vintage Guitars Spare part page

Hagstrom picture of the month

January 2015

All the best for 2015!

Greetings from a rare couple

Gold sparkle De Luxe and yellow HIII

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